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Our Vision

To ignite the inner fire of all the essential workers and to pull in the same direction.

Our mission

We do not only connect people to build a network of professional expertise but to generate a honest unity of like minded people who want the best for our society.

Humanity – Respect – Tolerance

What colour does your blood have? Let me guess. Red? So we are all just a big bunch of human beings. Each and everyone with its individual strengths and weaknesses, cultural influence, even core beliefs. But nothing of them makes us better than the others. It just makes us individual.</p> <p>We form the todays most powerful species on the world, because we were able to unite and to form tribes. We were taking care of each other, helping each other, even loving each other.</p> <p>Therefore let us be curious about foreign people, not judgemental.</p> <p>We can form a brotherhood, sisterhood all across the world through courage, respect and tolerance.


Emerson said, passion makes all things alive and significant. Because passion is the result of what you do daily with the biggest excitement you can imagine.</p> <p>Again, passion is what you really love doing and gives you energy while doing this.</p> <p>The reason why we wake up everyday is exactly that point. Our passion to do everything that inspires you out there and to help you doing your job with more excitement. Even in the rainy days.


For us, honesty builds trust. That’s why we really value honesty not only in our team but in every relationship. Although positive feedback is nice to hear, we want to hear also constructive criticism. We’re just a fresh little company with big dreams trying to do our best. For that we need your honesty, so we can improve ourselves.</p> <p>Let’s create a honest, constructive way of living and communicating to experience intimate relationships.

Thirst of adventure & courage

The thirst of adventure is coupled with the thirst of knowledge.</p> <p>It is a fact that our brain is like our muscles. If you train it, it will grow – you will grow.</p> <p>With this in mind we are dedicated to a lifelong learning.</p> <p>But to learn you have to be curious and courageous about life and to look at the world from a different angle.</p> <p>In the long run we will experience new tasks, new adventures and challenge ourselves to get things done we never could imagine.</p> <p>We are not only eager to change our lives, but to change also yours.</p> <p>Come with us, we’re going on an adventure!


Why Choose Trainee & Travel ?

Because we are passionate about linking people, especially essential workers, for one reason. We believe that every human on this earth deserves the best care when in need, and you guys are doing a great job out there! Only if we never stop learning and have the chance to get various perspectives from our work and the world, we can improve ourselves.

Just as important is for us to stick together and to stand up in every nation for our rights and appreciation we deserve for the work we’re doing out there!

That is why we think it is essential for all of us, paramedics, nurses, firefighters, etc. to help each other face to face and online.

We are curious what the world has ready for us, you too?

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Efstratios Dimas
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