Be an EMS Host

Do you love challenges and to motivate your employees for nothing less but the best?

As a host you will not only take up foreign certified paramedics, which will take some of your paramedics load in the shift, but will bring, like the Scorpions said: a wind of change.

Being a Host

Let your employees teach international colleagues new skills and improve the global network of emergency medical services. Get in touch with new cultures, other systems and let us together get things done, we never could imagine. Show trainees some local sights and enjoy the companionship with like-minded people.

As a Host you must


  • emergency medical services with at least one ambulance
  • experiences to Trainees in your emergency medical service
  • a Traineebuddy, who is a direct contact for the volunteers
  • working clothes and a comfortable accommodation to Trainees in exchange for at least 3 shifts of volunteering weekly

Be an ambassador for your country and provide a safe haven for Trainees

Treat Trainees like you treat your own employees

While opening your workplace, your second home, and your heart to Trainees from all over the world, you will offer the potential for amazing cultural experiences, new inspirations and in the end you will improve the patient care in the whole world.