We offer payment by PayPal. Within Paypal you’re able to pay via most credit cards or bank deposit, even without an PayPal account.

Yes it is automatic renewal, because your profile would be shut down when your membership would expire. But we don’t want to put you under stress finding a host or cut your contact while you’re matching up!

As long as your membership is active you have the chance to start over and over internships or stay connected to your international colleagues.

If you don’t want to be a part of Trainee & Travel anymore you can easily with a few clicks in your profile.

  • Support from our staff by phone during office hours or by email.
  • Full access to the website and to EMS Hosts worldwide
  • Message Hosts or Trainees from the website
  • You will live with a local in exchange for your help on their departments. Accommodation will be provided by your host, sometimes even food.
  • Opportunities to learn new practical skills
  • Meet real locals, spend time being part of their lives.
  • Cultural exchange experience

We recommend you to be at least 18 years old. Because in most countries people below the age of 18 are considered by law to be children. But there are good news folks! Some countries and some hosts apply different rules and so some do take younger people, especially paramedics who are still in training.

Sometimes a letter of consent from your parents/guardians is required!

Firstly you need to choose a membership and sign up. Secondly you decide at which country you want to change your life. For instance you search for keywords like USA, New Zealand or Ireland. You will get a few results and inform yourself  about the different hosts and their offers.

Simply visit their profile and send them a private message, where you introduce yourself shortly and apply for an internship at their rescue service.

Notice: Give information about your name, age, qualification and years of experience. Also remember to send them directly your certificates, e.g. EMT-P, ITLS, TCCC certification.

Would you take money to help a friend?

For sure you wouldn’t. Trainees and hosts support each other as families and friends do.

Trainee & Travel is a network with a big variety of rescue service hosts all around the world and qualified volunteers

Generally we say yes for one reason. We want to help each other, communicate together and treat the patients as good as we can. Therefore it is useful to speak the local language.

Anyways there are some countries you may speak not the local language, but the majority of the local residents speaks an international language like English, France or Spanish.

If you don’t speak the local language of a country but want to visit it so badly, try your best and ask a host.

There’s no harm in asking!

In most cases a host will list all the languages they speak.

Some costs vary from country to country so we cannot tell you an exact budget you need. However, ensure budget for the following:

  • Subscription fee for Trainee & Travel,
  • Travel expenses to the country (flights,etc.) and in the country (Taxi, Uber, etc.)
  • Visa
  • Food (if not offered by host)
  • Accommodation en route if needed
  • Insurance
  • Toiletries, medicine, vaccines,
  • Mobile phone and internet access
  • Day trips and leisure time activities

Of course! Why not combine a few destinations and meet as much new people as possible?!

What about 3 Weeks Sydney, 2 Weeks Christchurch and 3 weeks Hawaii?

After signing up and creating your own profile you are ready to take off! You can search for some key words to find groups or people.  Also make sure to scroll through your feed to get famous updates from both, hosts and Trainees.

Just leave a comment, a like or visit their profile to send them a private message.

Generally Trainees help out with and learn about whatever their co-workers are doing.

Above all your task will be to accompany your international colleagues to the emergency calls. Depends on the country and your abilities but you are meant to assist the care or even to treat patients by yourself while getting assisted. It can include all aspects of keeping medicines ready, intubating, assisting in transport preparation and more.

You may get also some basic tasks that just have to be done like bringing out the garbage.

Note: You will also get different tasks at your accommodation, e.g. cleaning up your room.

Your accommodation is no hotel, so it’s natural keeping your living area tidy or helping with the meals.


In regards to the 24-48h/week we highly recommend you discuss this with the host prior to your visit as this may be important for your travel plans.

First you should know, that you are not working everyday. That means you’ll get days off, like in your home country.  In general you will plan your stay with the host of your selected rescue service a few weeks before your arrival. If you want to do some bigger trips for example about 4-5 days you should inform your host. In case you’re a spontaneous one it shouldn’t be a problem for your host if he’s/she’s a bit flexible, but we cannot give you a guarantee. Let’s show you an example:

Week 1: Dayshifts (12h) on Monday Wednesday Friday. Off on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday. On the Weekend you can do easily a 2 day trip alone or with some friends.

Week2: Nightshifts (12h) on Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Off Thursday until Monday.

You have 5 days off for a bigger trip! Let’s have some fun on maybe Las Vegas?

We recommend you 2 kinds of insurance, while you’re on your adventure.

First a travel health/medical insurance.

Second a private liability insurance.

Obviously you need to pay a little amount for them, but do yourself a favor and don’t let any incident ruin your trip!

You can easily click here  to get an insurance that covers all your needs, starting at just 24,90€ !

If you need help just contact me and I’ll guide you through this (@edimas / info@traineeandtravel.de ) 

(Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer in a rescue service)

We do perform background checks!

A Host will be verified by one of our Staff. The verification includes:

  • Videochat with the division chief & with one worker
  • Department Tour on videochat
  • Passport/ID-Check of the Host
  • Saving the Rescue Department verification if available in that country.

Although we deserve the right to do background checks, there are no general screenings of the members. But if a Trainee ist verified(blue-white tick in their profile)  it means that one of our Staff has seen the Member, his passport and his Certification/Qualification via videochat. We also save copies from their contract of employment and qualification and proof random samples.

As a host you should always ask for the qualification certificate.

When you sign up you agree to our terms and conditions and must adhere to the guidelines.

Either party has the right to end the exchange.

When different cultures with different ideals meet it is almost natural that there may be some little conflicts. But don’t bury your head in the sand! Communication is not only on duty important, but in every part of our lives.

Be sure you have outlined very clearly what you expect from the Trainee during their stay with you.

This applies to the Trainees as well!

Sometimes for whatever reason the visit may not work out.

In that case be honest, kind and explain to the other party it is just not working out.

If you’re a host, remember that the Trainee will need a lift to the train,bus or time to find a new host or accommodation.

Act immediately if you think it’s not a right fit. You are not required to keep the Trainee, or to stay at the host, when things don’t work out.


We appeal to your common sense, guys. Treat each other always with respect.

There is no monetary exchange between Trainees and Hosts! Sometimes it happens that hosts in poorer countries still ask for money to cover expenses related to the exchange.

We do not allow for money to change hands!

If you get such a request please inform us.

You can search for another host or reject the request. If you want to do this trip so badly ask for another way to compensate.

For example you could donate some clothes or agree to go to the local market to buy some food or useful items.

There are a few rules & requirements for becoming a host. If you have read carefully the following site and comply with our terms, you just have to choose a membership and register online to become a host.

After signing up you will get further information about the process.

Let’s take this point from another view. When you would have holidays in your home country you wouldn’t want to work at your own rescue service right? That’s going to be provocative but for a reason you NEED holidays. You want to get out of there right?

Or do you like to travel, because you love other cultures, the people, the food, maybe even the fresh warm air blowing in your face and the sun’s burning on your face, that’s already sweating?

It doesn’t matter why you need or want the holidays. With Trainee & Travel you will get both you need, all the benefits of traveling and fulfilling your personal purpose.

Long story short: You’re not working, you’re pushing yourself and others in the direction you really want to, while doing what you love.

In most countries you work to get paid. Now we want you to pay so you can work?

Let us help you through this one.

First of all you will physically work, yes. But as we already mentioned it is much more than just “working”. It is a believe, an engagement and the wish of changing something.

We are chasing that dream and so we are visiting regular different destinations to keep the quality safe and improve structures, to get closer to our vision.

That means that you are paying not only for our core team and the website! You’re paying to drive the rescue services all around the world to the future!