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Share daily life with like-minded Paramedics 

Paramedics abroad (Trainees) spend at least 3 days a week working with their international colleagues to learn about new Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and working methods through first-hand experience.

Furthermore you are not only taking, but you are also giving. You pass on your knowledge and reduce the workload of your team members by helping to treat the patients, or if possible to treat them by yourself. After a few days you will be part of the team, like you’re used to it in your home country.

As this is a great opportunity for EMS & prehospital professionals to enhance no money should be exchanged between the Hosts & Trainees. Only incurred costs should be covered by the Trainees.

Learn about new methods and overcome personal insecurities

Trainee & Travel is a way to get in touch with other cultures and to build a network within the most essential working areas. It is a way to become part of a movement and to bring the next generation to a higher level.

As a member of Trainee & Travel you will be able to contact EMS Departments, Leadership and other prehospital experts all around the world. Furthermore you’ll be able to arrange Trainee & Travel stays by yourself.

P.s.: In a lot of countries it is possible to integrate a stay abroad into your current apprenticeship.

Become an international professional!

Trainee & Travel provides you with a way to learn about international healthcare systems, guidelines and a new way of living. You will have the opportunity to meet local people, make friends and create a network around the world.

Initiate the change as a leader!

As a EMS HOST you will not only take up foreign certified paramedics, which will take some of your paramedics load in the shift, but will bring, like the Scorpions said: a wind of change.